Our Mission

We thank you for taking the time to visit us.  We value your needs and put your needs first.  It is our mission to make you feel the best you that you can.  We listen to what you need and customize you experience every single time.  You are our number one priority here at Jenkins Massage Therapy.  We offer Hot Stones with every massage service, water after each service, or even coffee if you need a pick me up.  We strive to provide you the best hospitality and service that you can have.  We want you to feel like you are apart of our family.

About Us


What we do

We are located inside Inner Path.  We are dedicated to making you feel better through our unique soft tissue techniques. We offer an Integrated Massage that combines Deep Tissue Massage, Stretching, and Swedish Massage techniques tailored for each individual’s needs. Time and attention to your needs during your session is our number one priority. Hot Stone Therapy is included with most of our massages, while Body Scrubs, Cupping, percussion therapy, and Pre-Natal Massage are available to further enhance your experience. We look forward to helping you to recharge and revitalize you mind, body, and spirit one session at a time.